In Defense of the Mom Blog

Even though I now have a blog, I don’t yet—three posts in—consider myself a blogger. Currently, this is more a place for me to compile all the random thoughts that I’ve turned into words.

I don’t really know the direction these posts will take. One day I might share a delightful cookie recipe. The next day I might share a list of the best places to buy crack in each state. Who knows?

I’ve recently been researching this blogging lifestyle to learn, going forward, how I might share a post on another blog, or vice versa.

I was shocked, appalled, and actually kind of sad, to read the extent of mom blog bashing on the internet.


I don’t even know if this blog would be categorized as a quintessential “mom blog” considering just from its title that the owner doesn’t shower often and sometimes has headaches. From hangovers? From screaming kids? From both? All of the above. Just from adulting.

Anyway. . . I have survived the last seven years of SAHM-dom reading mom blogs. In the teeny pockets of time between naps and feedings, or just stealing a quiet moment while the kids are occupied, mom blogs have been the perfect escape. Ain’t nobody got time for a whole magazine. A book? LMAO.

I’m not saying that all mom blogs discuss ground-breaking issues or are life changing in any way. But some woman out there—some mom out there—took the time to write it and to share it. If you don’t like it, or need something more intellectual, don’t read it. But please don’t belittle it.

Mom blogs are ubiquitous.

Mom blogs are funny.

Mom blogs are poignant.

Mom blogs are messy.

Mom blogs are relatable.

Whether you work full time, part time, stay at home, have a husband, have a wife, do it alone, or have friggin’ sister wives. . . the truth of the matter is that motherhood is hard. In this Trump era of females uniting to prove that we are more than just pussies to be grabbed, I have felt like a part of something big—a part of a sisterhood of women who support any career, sexual partner, religion, race or the fucking choice to have a mom blog.

I read an interview with the editor (female) of one of those large sites that post submissions by guest writers. She explained how the readership is a wide demographic of smart women. She dwelled on the importance of the female voice and experience. Her interview made me want to check out her site and devour every piece.

But then. . . Then she bashed the mom blogs.

I’m not saying that she should accept submissions on “10 Ways to Potty Train Without Chardonnay,” but why the dig? Your platform doesn’t support light, breezy motherhood pieces. I get it. And I’m totally cool with it.

I have stumbled upon really well written mom blogs that have pulled at my heart strings and prompted me to immediately subscribe. Others have made me smile, but are otherwise forgettable. Either way, the post was important to the writer—to the woman—who wrote it. She put something else aside, a load of laundry, a cooked meal, a dirty sink, to write her story. You can like it. You can hate it. Just be respectful and let her speak.

As Hilary Clinton said, “. . . one of the most important pieces of unfinished business in human history—empowering women to be able to stand up for themselves.”

Mom blogs are giving a voice to a demographic of women who otherwise might not be heard, whether they’re writing about episiotomies or playdates. Preach ladies, preach. I’m listening.



2 thoughts on “In Defense of the Mom Blog

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